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ROI Design Services

At ROI Restaurant Design, we know that foodservice design is key to the success of your restaurant, bar, café, coffee shop or food hall. That's why we offer comprehensive design solutions for kitchen, bar and counter areas. Work with us to create the perfect space for your operation and take your business to the next level.

Phase 1 

Conceptual Design

  • Meet with Key Team Members

  • Concept and Menu Review

  • Scheduling, Programming and Critical Path Coordination

  • Equipment Analysis

  • Design Team Drawing Integration

  • Develop Initial Layouts and Provide Block Drawings

  • Schematic Design Presentations 

  • Order of Magnitude Budget

  • Estimate MEP (Mechanical, Engineering, and Plumbing) Loads

Phase 2

Detailing Phase

  • Equipment Selection

  • Further Develop Floor Plans

  • Number and Schedule Equipment

  • Deliver Itemized Equipment Budgets

  • Provide Cost-Saving Options as Required

  • Special Conditions Plans

  • Exhaust System Criteria

  • Refrigeration System Engineering

  • Plumbing and Electrical Rough-In Plans

  • Issue Cut-Sheet Volumes

  • Issue Coordinated MEP Submittal

  • Design Development Coordination with Team

Phase 3

Construction Documentation 

  • Dimension Plumbing and Electrical Rough-In Drawings

  • Guarantee Health Department Approval

  • Detail Custom Fabrication and Manufacturer’s Drawings

  • Develop Final Equipment Specifications

Phase 4

Bid & Negotiation 

  • Prequalify and Select Potential KEC

  • Finalize All Specifications and Details

  • Issue RFP (Request For Proposal) to Potential KEC, Including Complete Construction Document Plans, Specifications and Bid Instructions

  • Review, Level and Analyze KEC Bids

  • Provide a Formal KEC Recommendation

  • Facilitate Interview and Negotiations with KEC

Phase 5

Construction Administration 

  • Review and Respond to Relevant Project RFI

  • Issue Detailed Bulletins and Coordinate Revisions as Required

  • Issue Submittal Schedule to KEC

  • Review Submittals and Shop Drawings, Coordinate Revisions, Omissions, and Additions

  • Conduct On-Site Punch List to Ensure KEC Obligations are Met

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